LFB, Hempcrete Norway

LFB is a Norwegian company that specializes in Hempcrete. Hempcrete is growing in popularity worldwide for its ability to build beautiful, healthier, and more sustainable buildings. The components? Simply Hemp, air lime, and water! Other benefits of Hempcrete are; Excellent carbon footprint(one 100 m^2 dwelling built with Tradical┬« Hempcrete stores about 20 tonnes of Co2, …

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Hempcrete – A Quick introduction

Hempcrete is a genius natural building material that absorbs a huge amount of carbon dioxide, has excellent sound-proofing qualities, is fire-proof, earthquake-resistant, pest and mold resistant, and excellent insulation material. It works like a monolithic system. Being interconnected throughout the whole house helps regulate the air humidity in your home, and its thermal mass provides …

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